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The Arete Fellowship at Effective Altruism Ireland provides an opportunity for successful applicants to engage with strategies and ideas about how to do good effectively.

Over eight weeks, fellows will study ideas from a wide range of disciplines from philosophy to economics and history to computer science. Fellows will also have enlightening discussions as they use compassion and logic to engage with some of the world's most pressing problems.


Research material on different topics each week.


Push your understanding with exercises and further reading.


Discuss different topics every week with a group of fellows moderated by a facilitator.

Upon completing the Arete Fellowship at Effective Altruism Ireland, fellows will have greatly increased their potential to do good and engage with the effective altruist community.

The Arete Fellowship at Effective Altruism Ireland covers a wide range of disciplines. There are no prior academic requirements, yet applicants are expected to have certain qualities:

Goes beyond the minimum required research.

Eager to Learn

Has a strong desire to help other people.

Will change their mind if presented with a convincing argument.

Enjoys bouncing ideas off of others and listening to their ideas.

Engaged Communicator
Open to New Ideas

If this sounds like you, apply below!


Week 5 - Existential Risk

What is an existential risk? Are there any catastrophes humanity could never recover from? 


Week 6 - Emerging Technologies

What opportunities to do good do new technologies present? What problems might they present?


Week 7 - Criticising Effective Altruism

Are there situations where effective thinking does not work? 


Week 8 - Putting It Into Practice

How can I use my career to have a high positive impact? What actions can I take now?

Apply to Fellowship

Applications for EA Ireland's Arete Fellowship are currently closed. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified when applications open again!

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